Buy Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash Pack Of 2 Face Wash (160 Ml) Online in India - Fameblue
Lotus professional Phyto rx daily deep cleansing face wash is the best suitable face wash for all skin types which is mixed with intense natural ingredients including tea tree oil and rosemary extracts that adequately clean your skin and evacuate the polluting influences. It is available in gel plan and gives the brilliance and shine to your face.This face wash fundamentally rinses your skin and removes a wide range of debasements, and cosmetics / makeup from your face with a delicate and tender foam. It clears skin by removing dead cells. Removes pimples and prevents early signs of ageing. Sparkles your facial skin by removing blemishes. Active Ingredients: Turmeric: Antiseptic, protects the skin from daily damage, removes microbes and pollutants. Thyme: Anti-bacterial, astringent, helps keep skin clear. Basil: Protects from germs and bacteria, offers deep cleansing benefits.

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