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Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorant helps whiten, soften and smoothen underarms. Its whitening formula evens skin tone and gives you a silky-smooth feeling. ***It s unique moisturizing cream formula enriched with Vitamins E & F** helps nourish and rejuvenate skin cells darkened by plucking and shaving. Dove Silk Dry deodorant gives you 48 hour protection and a mild pleasing fragrance. Formulated using a unique combination of infused silk and moisturizing cream, Dove Silk Dry deodorant makes your underarms look soft and nourished, all the time. Hair removal causes dark patches on your delicate underarm skin. Only Dove Whitening Deodorant with moisturizing milk nourishes your skin deeply to remove dark patches, while keeping your fresh all day long. It has 0% alcohol that ensures your sensitive skin is always protected with Dove Care. So go sleeveless and go confident-flaunt your fair, smooth skin. This alcohol-free deodorant, gives you 48 hour protection and is safe for use on skin and the bottle is extremely convenient to throw in to your hand bag! Dermatologist tested. All day protection. Get this right away! Features: Antiperspirant deodorant to reveal lighter underarms Helps whiten, soften, and smoothen underarms 48-hr protection and alcohol-free

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