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Shower gel vs soap

The shower gels are becoming a popular alternative to soaps. You can buy cosmetic shower gels products online in India from Fameblue at best prices. However, selecting the product that can offer super soft and balanced skin is important. Moreover, make sure that the shower gel you choose also contains natural ingredients that are safe and cause no allergic reaction.
Why choose Shower Gel than choosing Soap?
Soaps contain liquid fats with alkali like sodium hydroxide to saponify, however, the liquid soaps are made in similar ways but potassium hydroxide is used instead of sodium hydroxide.
  • Soaps have different purposes of serving and offering rich, moisturizing effect. Clear soaps will contain glycerin and sorbitol, mainly used to kill bacteria and prevent fungus growth. However, although the same basic ingredients are used in shower gels, they contain safe ingredients too.
  • Soaps are great to remove dirt, oil, and debris; therefore they are best for an athlete who sweats more, but shower gel is water based and they are easy to use and moisture your skin.
Tips to select Shower Gel:
  • Since the shower gels are available in different scents, benefits and qualities, select the one that suit you right.
  • Consider your skin type and what your skin exactly need. However, choosing the shower gel that moistures your skin is important.
  • Consider the allergies and how sensitive your skin is to the product. Perhaps try to choose shower gel with organic or natural ingredient content in it.
  • Try to choose exfoliating shower gel, which can efficiently scrub away dead skin cells.
  • Try to choose multi-use shower gel.
 How to Use Shower Gel?
  • Use a sponge along with shower gel to produce more lather.
  • You can also use loofah or pouf or natural tubular sponge.
  • On pouring the gel on sponge try to lather it and gently scrub all over your body
  • Now rinse it well and pat dry

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