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Perfumes vs deos

People often misunderstand between perfumes and deodorants. Although both give you good fragrances, there is still a difference in them. You can Buy Cosmetic Perfumes Products Online in India at best prices. However, knowing some basic differences between the perfumes and deodorants will help you to choose the right product.
Here follow a few interesting differences to know between the perfumes and deodorants;
·         These are the fragrance products applied on the body to alter body odor as the result of bacterial growth
·         Deodorants can remove smell linked to bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits and other parts of body
·         Deodorants are the special spray that aromatizes a person
·         Intensity of fragrant oils used in this product is very less
·         They contain 10%-15% of fragrance oil
·         Deodorants are antiperspirant and they are developed mainly aiming armpit region
·         They are best for people who sweat often
·         Perfumes are the fragrances that contain high quantity of essential oils and alcohols
·         Perfumes are mostly sprayed on clothes
·         They provide complete aroma to the body
·         Perfume is the scented alcohol
·         Actual fragrance in perfume contains ingredients derived mostly from natural materials and synthetic aroma-chemicals
·         People consider perfume as the most luxurious product compared to deodorants
·         Perfumes are manufactured from various herbs and flowers and they last for very long time compared to deodorants
With various differences, people choose to use both deodorants and perfumes on various occasions. Although both products are different in applications, they still have their own best things to offer. Moreover, they also differ in prices. The deodorants are considered to be less priced than perfumes. You can also find deodorants in various flavors and choices. They are also available in different options for both men and women.  

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