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A Guide to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color that Suits Your Skin Tone
Every woman and young girl will love to wear nail polish. Nail polish will add to the beauty. However, selecting the right color is very important if you want to get desired look. There is a wide range of nail polish colors available at online stores. You can Buy Cosmetic Nail Polish Products Online in India from different brands and for different prices. However, the real challenge is in selecting the color that will suit your skin tone. Remember, different nail color will have a distinct impact on the skin tone.
Here is a guide to help you choose the nail polish color that suits your skin tone perfectly;
·         Dark skin tone:
Dark skin tone can easily carry any rich and dark colors, however, exempt dark brown, as this may merge with the skin tone. You can even choose the dark red, burgundy, dark green and similar colors to suit dark complexion. Adding to it, pink and orange nail enamels will also work well.
·         Wheatish skin tone
Those with this skin tone have a wide range of shades to choose from. Almost all colors will suit them well. However, bright and vibrant colors like yellow, blue, pink, orange and similar colors will work amazingly well. You can even choose metallic colors like silver and gold.
·         Fair skin tone
Women with fair skin tone can choose any color to suit with. However, for fair skin, colors like light purple, pink, medium red and even blue works exceptionally well. However, you can avoid dark shades like green, blue, orange, green and black.
·         Pale skin tone
Those with pale skin tone can choose colors like red, purple and similar shades. These shades will give glamorous look.  However, avoid very dark colors like black, maroon and similar shades. 

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