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Makeup is an art!

10 Makeup mistakes to avoid – Effective tips for Good Makeup
Everyone wants to look beautiful. Especially girls use various makeup products to look good. However, knowingly or unknowingly, people make mistakes while wearing makeup. You can find various types of makeup products used for different purposes. In this array, you can choose to buy cosmetic make up products online in India that suit your expectations and requirements.
Listed herewith are the top10 makeup mistakes that you should avoid:
  1. Never apply makeup on dry skin, especially foundation, as it will accentuate flakiness and most of the times will sit on face skin, instead of blending in.
  2. Choose the right shade of blush, which complement natural blush tone. For instance, if you are wearing bold lip then choose subtler shade of blush.
  3. Applying too much of bronzer is another blunder mistake to avoid. Try to apply all over face and neck instead of forehead alone.
  4. Clean the brushes regularly before using it, as unwashed sponges may not give good appeal to the new makeup.
  5. Switch makeup seasonally. For instance there is waterproof mascara available, which is best to be worn during spring and summer as it may not melt away.
  6. Avoid using expired makeup products, as they may cause skin irritation and infection on eyes in some cases.
  7. Bronzer can give a good glowing skin; however try to correctly apply, by way of making number ‘3’ on face.
  8. Using pencil for eyebrows can be the best idea, however never overdo as it may go unnatural. However, you can use powder or small angled brush to lightly stroke and get natural shape.
  9. Regardless of skin type, try to moisturize and make it smooth.
  10. Choosing a foundation that is matching the natural skin tone is very important.

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