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Best sindoor brands

Sindoor is one of the most important products that every woman wants to buy. Traditionally speaking, sindoor is applied on the forehead (part of the hair) of a married woman in India. Wearing sindoor is believed auspicious, which is being in practice for thousands of years. It also enhances the beauty of the married women.
There are many brands manufacturing sindoor across India. You can buy cosmetic sindoor products online in India for best prices from an array available. You can find sindoor in various color choices too. However, red is widely used by married women.
Sindoor is available in different types or forms like liquid, powder, and more. This product is used daily and it should be of good quality too without causing any skin irritation or allergies.
Here follow the top brands of sindoor to buy online in India:
  • Lakme Jewel sindoor: This is a popular brand trusted for quality. This product comes in red and maroon color. The jewel sindoor has fine shimmers, which is visible only in high lights.
  •  Lotus herbals divine dew herbal sindoor: This is another popular and quality brand preferred by many people. It offers matte look and contains natural ingredients. This product is absolutely free from toxins and enriched with botanical extracts. It is certainly free from lead and mercury.
  • Shehnaz Husain Herbal sindoor: This is the clinically tested sindoor designed to meet modern needs. It contains herbal extracts and natural oils, which is completely safe to use.  This product is available in liquid form and it is easy to use.
  • Jovees water resistant herbal sindoor: This water resistant herbal sindoor contains herbs giving natural color to the product. It is free from harmful ingredients and thus a safe product to use.

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